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H. Paronyan State Theatre of Musical Comedy

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The Paronyan State Theatre of Musical Comedy was founded in 1941. Outstanding actors such as Grigoryan, Khachvankyan, Saryan, Danzas, Hamajyan, Karagyozyan and many others have showcased their talents on the stages of this theatre. Both Armenian as well as European writers comprise the repertoire of this central theatre. They include: Ananyan’s “Here I am" and “Lord, don’t leave us lord-less", Papazyan’s “Parisian bridegroom", Aghasaryan’s “A crazy day", Freidau’s “Doubts in a woman’s heart", Kancheli’s “Khanuma’s tricks", Aristophanes’s “Lysistrata", Marivaux’s “The game of love and chance", Phigeredo’s “Aesop", Patrick’s “Strange Miss Savage", Sundukyan’s “Khatabala", Paronyan’s “The oriental dentists", Kotoyan’s “My mother-in-law", de Philipo’s “Philumena Marturano", and de Vega’s “The gardener’s dog". Address: 7 V. Sargisyan Str., Yerevan Phone: (+374 10) 580101, 580075

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